American Figurative Painting Now:New Nouveau 2020-2021

QINGDAO  09 JANUARY 2021 - 24 JANUARY 2021
American Figurative Painting Now:New Nouveau Shanghai &Qingdao China 2020-2021

We are glad to present exhibition for Alex Becerra, Van Hanos, Marcus Jahmal, Tanya Merrill, and Martin Orion,they all focus on painting. The collective show of 15 pieces of their works is also a statement of the young USA artists on painting of the ancient art medium. With existence value and meaning of the painting, photography, new media, the use of high-tech in the field of art, from the beginning of the 20th century is controversial, but with rounds of "painting is dead", we could only see in the field of contemporary art from bacon, Freud, the Richter, hockney artists such as in the field of painting creation constantly make painting to return to the core position in the field of contemporary art reality. As Mr. Richter asked in "Gerhard Richter: Painting After All," a retrospective of his 60-year career at the Metropolitan Brewer in March: "What is the real purpose of contemporary art? What can it do? What have I accomplished?" Six young American artists also gave their answers to painting and contemporary art in their paintings.