QINGDAO  09 JANUARY 2021 - 24 JANUARY 2021
JONNY NEGRON “BLUE DREAM” Solo Exhibition Shanghai &Qingdao China 2020-2021



Upon inception of this series, which I refer to as NIGHT WORLD, I became particularly interested in depicting scenes which take place in a nocturnal atmosphere. Considering the art viewing experience; the celebration for the opening reception of an exhibition, and the events which typically surround a night of ‘going out’. Like most of us, the effects of the pandemic upon public life have provoked many questions about our present reality. These paintings recall these moments prior to social distancing; of parties, club and bars.


I Think of the color blue in art history, and how the concept of Blue has marked significant periods in the careers of notable artists, from Pablo Picasso to Miles Davis. I remember reading in Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’, that new stars shine a bright blue. For me, the usage of blue invokes a plethora of meaning. The deep shades of blue, reminiscent of Yves Klein, represent the darkness of the night, and perhaps the melancholy of nostalgia in these late night moments. In each stage there is a variation of light that interplays with the blue tones , denoting the shifting of time, and of mood. 

There’s a sort of chronology to the works, as they all take place at various stages at night. I wanted to convey the progression of nightfall through a gradual descent of Blue in various images. In the inaugural piece ‘Three Friends”, three young men are seated at a bar, presumably in the evening; the soft yellow hue suggests the setting of the sun beneath the impending blue gradient. 

As with many of my works, each piece is impeded with an amalgam of references, from ancient religious iconography to sonic the hedgehog. Various items lay strewn across surfaces, itemizing the procession of events in these scenarios. 

Various drinking receptacles are prevalent in the majority of the works in the series. The image of the cup reminds me of the symbolism of the Tarot; with the suit of cups representing emotions. My aim is to imbue these works with a sense of emotion, drawn from my personal experiences.